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Ages 4-18
in San Francisco

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Kids On Camera TV/Film Acting & Modeling School, Acting & Voice Over Training, San Francisco, CA

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Kids on Camera is Reorganizing and Expanding in 2017.

Celebrating 36 years!


"There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots, the other, is wings."
~Johaan Wolfgang Von Goethe


NEW programs in Tucson, Arizona 2017
@ Jewish Community Center
Our welcome page features workshop details and after school programs.
To enroll or for information contact Aimee Gillard at (520) 299-3000 x256, or visit

Free Open House Sunday, Jan. 22
Family programs start at 2PM.
Meet Judy 2:00-3:30PM and learn more about our curriculum.
See details...

Sunday One Day Workshops
Take one or more. Ages 4-7, 8-13, 12-18 from $65
Feb 12, Introduction to TV Acting
- March 12 Comedy, TV Commercials, & Improv
- April 2 Scenes, Dialogues & Improv
- May 7 Voiceover for TV and Film

After-School Five Week Thursday Series March 2-30.
Ages 5-9, $200/160 J Members

California updates in March
for San Francisco, Marin, and the East Bay for spring and summer.


About Kids On Camera

FOR 36 YEARS Kids on Camera has been nurturing the next generation of leaders and actors. Our purpose is to give youngsters, ages 4-18, the confidence and communication skills they need to achieve success in the performing arts for stage, film or TV, voiceover, modeling and for school presentations. This is achieved within a safe, nurturing and creative environment. Take a look at the memorable feedback from parents and students on our mailbag page.

We are overwhelmed by possessions we own but do not treasure. It is time to reassess what really matters. Investing in the education of our children will last a lifetime.

IT IS GRATIFYING to have created a program that helps others. OUR FOCUS IS ON FUN
... as our students learn TV/film acting and audition skills. We serve youngsters by improving their communication skills, speech habits, and school presentations. Open to all skill levels; this training is designed by award winning educators. A non-competitive nurturing atmosphere is provided in which students develop their creativity. Previous training is not required. Through our use of video feedback, students are able to review their progress, evaluate themselves, and take pride in their accomplishments.

... watching our students share their creativity and trust in their using their imagination as they learn to make choices. They bring our scripts to life as they add their originality, nuances, and expressive range into their performances.

MY STAFF of experienced educators and pro actors and directors ...have designed a unique curriculum that serves our students and parents. I have been a credentialed teacher for over 36 years and have performed on stage, as a voiceover, vocalist, and casting director. I was a voice on Sesame Street for 12 years. (SEE Judy Berlin's BIO)

The WHOLE FAMILY gets involved as they are invited to a review to receive video feedback and evaluations. A nurturing atmosphere encourages our students to take risks.

WE OFFER a well-rounded curriculum designed for every skill level... from beginning to advanced. Each student's creativity is channeled into productive activities. Valuable video feedback and honest, constructive evaluations are provided.

Parents receive feedback in our ONE-DAY WORKSHOPS and TV SERIES. Parents gain knowledge about the entertainment industry in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Arizona. Our high student return rate shows us that our students are receiving the experiences they seek. We are also sensitive to the needs of children with learning differences. If this is applicable, please be sure to inform us of their special needs.

OUR STUDENTS have become... class presidents, TV news anchors, national speech tournament winners, lead actors on stage, in films, TV Series as voiceovers, and in commercials. Alumni, Bridgit Mendler is the star of the Disney Series, GOOD

LUCK CHARLIE, Philip Garcia was cast on the SCANDAL TV series; John Morris is the voice of Andy in TOY STORY, and Justin Whalin won an Emmy for a CBS movie in 1998 when he was age 19. 

TV ACTING Series 1, 2 & 3 Series and
One-Day Weekend Workshops

... Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall

NEW: Expanding in Tucson, Arizona

@ Jewish Community Center in 2017, Ages 4-18
Winter and spring one-day Sunday workshops and after-school weekday series in Tucson will be posted in mid-December at and at Programs at the Jewish Community Center are open to the public and will take place from January thru May. Fees start at $65.
A free open house in January
and workshops with Judy Berlin will include TV Acting, Audition Skills, Improvisation, Comedy, Film Acting, and Voiceover.
Programs, fees and how to enroll at the JCC will be posted at

San Francisco Bay Area Spring and Summer programs

to be announced. Start in our weekend series, one-day workshops or summer day camps. Summer updates in March will be posted for our weeklong day camps and one-day workshops in Marin, San Francisco, and the East Bay.

San Francisco: Choose from our spring and fall 5-week course series in TV Acting 1, 2, and 3 for ages 4-6, 7-9, 10-12 and Teens. Each series builds on the next.
 (See TV 1, TV 2, TV 3 series) Each course builds on the previous, leading students toward achieving specific goals. TV 1 focuses on acting and audition skills featuring commercial scripts, improv, and a photo shoot with a pro photographer and stylist. TV 2 features dialogues, intermediate improv and audition skills. TV 2, focuses on developing partnerships and sharing stage. TV 3 focuses on monologue study and improv. Our curriculum prepares students for stage and TV auditions and also for our Talent Showcase where students are are introduced to talent agents, casting directors and film directors.
San Francisco LOCATION & FREE SUNDAY PARKING LOT just 2 blocks from our site behind the stores on California St. at Laurel Village Shops. Indoor parking at our site is $4.00 hr. Street meters are free on Sunday and take quarters every 15 minutes Mon-Sat,
PAYMENT PLANS in SAN FRANCISCO may be arranged for our 5-week TV series. (See Policies Page)
A TYPICAL SUNDAY 5-WEEK SERIES Speech and physical warm-ups start off each class, followed by rehearsals and improv. Small class size ensures individual attention (8 -12 students per age group). Trust is built as the instructor gets to know the needs of each student. Activities build on one another, leading students toward achieving specific goals. Performances are captured on camera and parents see the results at the 8th week class, when they receive evaluations and consultations.

ONE-DAY WEEKEND WORKSHOPS offer enrichment in specific area.
Fees from $65-$250. Guest coaches are from San Francisco, Phoenix and Los Angeles. I'm always searching for new ways to enhance our students acting skills and, at the same time, help them get exposure to top coaches and casting directors. The curriculum prepares youngsters for real world auditions. This is an opportunity to hear it straight from the pros as they have a pulse on today's market. These guests also educate our parents about the entertainment industry and this may lead to future auditions as they search for new talent.


Our students may choose to participate in our talent showcases in San Francisco. The one-day workshops and/or 5-week series prepares them for this event. The showcase gives students the opportunity to meet local talent agents and film and casting directors. Showcases lead to auditions and talent agency representation.

Eligibility to participate is individually evaluated and participation is optional. Your look may get you invited to an audition, but having familiarity with the audition process, the ability to handle cold script readings and comfort on camera, will get you cast! We have a working relationship with film directors, casting directors, and talent agents in San Francisco, Phoenix and Los Angeles. Agents encourage actors to learn the skills that our programs provide. (See TALENT SHOWCASE)

Local filmmakers and casting directors from Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona and from the San Francisco Bay Area call upon us when they are in search of talent for stage or film roles. Illustrators call upon us for print models. Inquiries are received when a pilot or film is being shot. We also receive requests for dancers and singers. We are a resource to students at the Academy of Art Univ., SF State U, and San Francisco and Berkeley Digital Film School for their graduate films and media projects.

include Bridgit Mendler, Rebecca White, Jaelin Bates, Phillip Garcia, Ethan DeSalvio, Isabella Peregrina, Olivia Hytha, John Morris, Krista Fettke, and more. Ethan DiSalvio, (14) is on HENRY DANGER, Jaelin Bates, (10), is on WITS Academy on NICKELODEN, Bridgit Mendler was Teddy on the Disney Series, Good Luck Charlie.
Ethan was a voice in Monsters University and for Leapfrog Toys. Anthony Robinson, had a LEAD ROLE in the Animal Planet Film, HERCULES SAVES CHRISTMAS. At the 33rd Annual "Young Artist Awards" Anthony was presented with a plaque as a Young Artist Award Nominee for Outstanding Performance 2012...Leading Young Actor for Best Performance in a TV Movie, Miniseries or Special. Directors from PIXAR Films attended our Talent Showcase and discovered Krista Fettke. Krista was cast as a co-star in the Pixar Film, Play by Play. John Morris is the voice of Andy in Toy Story 1, 2 and 3. Isabella is a voiceover in the film: Journey 2-Mysterious Island and she was a voice in The Polar Express. Olivia Hytha, lands leading roles on stage at the Diablo Light Opera Co. Olivia attends college in Boston. Brandon Levy was a print model for Wii Video Games. Shoshanna Bush started with us at age 7 and became a popular Mervyns model. At age 21 in 2009, she signed a 3-film contract with Paramount. 


I am grateful as I reflect on the many wonderful students, families, and staff members that I have had the privilege to work with. The support from Bay Area and Los Angeles talent agents, casting directors, TV producers, directors and filmmakers has helped to make Kids on Camera what it is today.

THANKS go to many in the media industry in San Francisco for their features... 
about us on TV and radio. Michael Finney, Consumer Reporter from 7 ON YOUR SIDE (KGO TV), featured a story about us in 1998 and in 2009 he invited us on VIEW FROM THE BAY. Michael spoke of our honesty and high quality program when he said, Kids on Camera is the right place to go. More thanks go to Evening Magazine, (KPIX TV), the hosts of People are Talking, Anne Frasier and Ross McGowan, (KPIX TV), Mornings on 2, (KTVU TV), the producers at (KRON TV), and KGO Radio. Thanks also to our other locations over 36 years such at Ross, Piedmont & Hillsborough Recreation, Saint Marks School, Saint Raphael School, Redwoods Presbyterian Church in Larkspur, Zion Lutheran School, Marin Horizon, Mercy High, Marin Primary, Seven Hills School. We also take pride and honor our previous staff members, Deborah Eliezer, Mary Dilts, Sharon Huff, Laurie Keith, TJ Metz, Zoe Galvez, Heidi Abbott, Terri DeBono, Cassidy Brown, Trish Saunders, Thessaly Lerner, Douglas Leach, Cliff Mayotte, Paoli Lacy, Susan Lorraine, Beulah Stanley, Christina Lewis, Douglas Kassel, Texas Holly, Nancy Gold, and Cynthia Toronto.


I've been extremely impressed with your honesty and insight! Kids on Camera truly is the best in preparing audition and camera-ready kids. My teen son became more comfortable in his own skin, more confident and improved as a public speaker. You also provide wonderful exposure to industry professionals.
Tonia Hsieh, Producer/Karma Pictures, East Bay

Your program is a great blend of integrity, genuine concern and affection for the children, professionalism, and FUN.
Mrs. Patti Slepika, Los Angeles

Through a well thought out curriculum Kids on Camera teaches their students that they can overcome their self doubts and accomplish goals while projecting a confident image of themselves.

Robyn King, Antioch

Judy and her staff runs a fantastic program and the kids really have fun, gain confidence and develop acting skills that will be helpful in whatever they decide to do.

Judy Freeman, East Bay, GYMBOREE Executive

Staff & Location

We value our wonderful interns, Isabel, Nina, Caylyn, Alison and Tess.

NEWER STAFF since 2014 include John Litten and Paul Collins. SEE bios on staff biopage.

at 3200 California St. in Presidio Heights at the Jewish Community Center, (JCCSF)... OFFERS FEATURES FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY. Enjoy a stress free environment with a delicious deli; a fitness center, swimming pool, and an outdoor playground to enjoy while your children attend class. Large comfortable classrooms accelerate our student's learning curve. Enjoy easy parking in a neighborhood filled with restaurants, Target, Best Buy, Trader Joes, Peets and Starbucks, Walgreens and book and clothing stores. This center is a true community and cultural center welcoming all people of all nationalities and faiths. (See MAP/DIRECTIONS, PARKING, BART & MUNI and at

PAID TEEN SUMMER INTERNSHIPS in S.F. are hired, age 17 and older for our summer day camps. TO APPLY find link for the intern application on our website or call. (See TEEN JOBS)


via email at
I look forward to developing talent and communication skills in the new year.